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Change Your Lens.

I often think about what my life will be like in the future. What job will I end up with? Will I get married? Kids? What town? These thoughts can be fun, but many times daunting.

I’ve realized that anticipation causes anxiety about the unknown. In retrospect, our futures are ultimately in our own hands.

So, take a breath.

It is important that we focus on the present, what we do with the time that sits in front of us. After all, what we do with our time now is how we are creating our futures. You must change your focus so that you pay attention to the things in front of you…not off in the distance.

Become nearsighted so to speak, instead of being farsighted.

Like when you’re at the eye doctor and they set you up at the machine where your focus on a little, red barn starts to change. This happens because the doctor is changing lenses.

Well that’s what you need to do, change your lens.

I know this is not easy and I haven’t even come close to mastering it. I actually am just now coming to terms with these things myself and well, that’s why I am writing about it.

Being present is hard, and it definitely takes a lot of work.

Take some time away from your electronics and the pinging of Insta notifications.

Go outside. Talk with your family. Meditate. Jam to some music. Relax and think about what matters right now. If you have done what you can, stop worrying about what is to come. Let it happen as it does.

And ultimately, change your lens because in the end no amount of anxiety is going to change the future (unless you have a time machine).

(and if you do share it with us. I'm trying to see some flying cars)

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