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Doing Things for You

“Have the courage to live life the way you want.”

For most of my life, I have been the person that would rather “suffer in silence” than speak up because I don’t want someone else to be uncomfortable. To be honest, I hate conflict and I try to avoid it at all costs. This has stopped me from doing and saying certain things that I want to do.

Whether it’s being a people pleaser or fearing what someone else might think, I have learned that this type of behavior is detrimental to yourself. It is so IMPORTANT to take care of yourself first. Stop saying yes when you want to say no. Stop letting the thought of someone else’s opinion effect your decisions.

Because in the end, this is YOUR life. Do you really want someone else to be in control of it?

Instead of cheating yourself out of opportunities that could bring you happiness, ask yourself “is this what I want to be doing?” and stay in line with those intentions. It is not crucial if the people around you do not accept or understand how you choose to spend your days.

I understand this is easier said than done. We have many influences around us that affect our ability to just accept ourselves as opposed to getting others to accept us.

I’ve only just begun taking the little steps to living my life for myself and I believe you have the strength to as well.

Start being honest with yourself about how you feel, make your happiness a priority, spend time with people who make you feel good and stop talking yourself out of things you know you want to do.

One day? Or day one.

You decide

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