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I'm In Love With the Little Things.

We all know of a little phrase that goes like this, “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. Sadly enough, this saying couldn’t relate more to my life right now (and maybe yours too). Due to COVID-19 all of our lives have been flipped upside down. If you are a college student, like me, all of your classes are now online, and you probably had to move back to your hometown to live with your parents. Things could be worse, but your world has probably been shaken up in some sort of a way. Concerts. Cancelled. Weddings. Cancelled. Vacations. Cancelled. The many events we planned for and looked forward to, seemed to be extinguished overnight.

Why is it that we do not appreciate the things we have until they are taken away from us? Why is it all taken for granted?

I believe it is important to take away lessons from the difficulties life throws at you. Everything can be a learning experience, even a pandemic (as weird as that sounds).

It is important to reflect on your life and be grateful for all of the good that is in it. We must start appreciating the little things that surround us. Whether it is just the fact that you woke up and you’re breathing or the fact that you have a place to lay your head at night. Maybe you learn to enjoy the “dreadful walk” you have to your class from a parking lot that feels miles away. Maybe you start to cherish the small talk you have with classmates before a course begins. Valuing the late nights you have with friends while you stay up and talk.

We are all grieving the loses of our freedoms right now, but what I am saying is it shouldn’t take a pandemic to realize all of the small, good things our lives have in them.

Let’s start practicing gratitude, waking up in the morning and being thankful.

Because the truth of the matter is…I have learned that I am in love with the little things (and I would kill for a class in a classroom…which I never thought I would say).

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