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Look Both Ways.

I often battle inside my head on how to feel on many topics. Rarely do I see one side, I frequently see both. I want to understand how each side feels in a situation because I believe being empathetic is important. I use to think looking both ways was a sign of weakness, that I didn’t have one side to follow and that my beliefs were flimsy. However, I have begun to realize how important it is to see from another’s point of view.

As a 20-year-old white woman, I understand that I will never understand how racism feels or to fear for my life based on the color of my skin.

I will never understand the struggles African American’s go through on a daily basis, but I can be empathetic to the hateful and horrendous encounters the Black Community faces in America.

America needs change. We must do better.

Racism did not end when the Civil Rights Act passed or when the first black president was elected. It is an ongoing issue in America that needs to be voiced and expressed.

I believe there is a problem with in our criminal justice system and policing system that must be addressed and fixed. However, I believe the problem is not just black vs white or black vs cops. I think the problem is racism vs love, justice vs injustice.

I am writing this because I believe people’s hearts need to change, to listen to the struggles of those who deal with problems you may not face and to begin the end to hate in this world.

We are born with love in our hearts for everyone.

To the Black Community I am sorry. I am angry. I hear you. I will continue learning and I want to be better.

To the police officers who take the phrase “protect and to serve” to heart, I respect and appreciate you. To the police officers who protect people and risk their own lives on the daily for complete strangers, regardless of their skin color…. thank you.

Let there be peace on Earth.

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