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📍 St. Charles, Missouri

If you're from the Missouri area, you may not consider St. Charles a destination spot. You may consider it home or just another suburb of STL.

However, you are not me.

I first visited St. Charles around a year ago. My grandma has always taken my sisters and I on a girls trip around the holidays. The destination was always Chicago. We made that place our second home, but when COVID struck the just wasn't the same. It was just another disappointment to add to 2020.

We started browsing for new girls trip locations. I, of course, being skeptical because nothing to me could beat the city lights and adventure that Chicago could bring. Someone decided St.Charles would be a good spot to we packed our bags and headed to Missouri.

I quickly learned, while St.Charles might not be Chicago, it had its own special magic to its quaint and historic downtown that I loved.

Flash forward to a few weeks ago when we packed up our cars to head out on our annual girls trip yet again.

And where were we headed? The Historic Main Street in St. Charles.

I picked out our Airbnb. A little loft above an ice cream shop. I was at first nervous about the space, but quickly I realized the 5 twin beds upstairs made it feel like we were at camp when we were kids.

Here's a list of some of our favorite stops along Main Street:

  1. Grandma's Cookies...honestly the best chocolate chip cookie you will ever eat, I SWEAR.

  2. Happy Camper...the perfect midwest adventure brand with the sweetest people.

  3. Salt + Smoke...good drinks & bonfires for the perfect shopping break.

  4. The Gift Nook.... stop by if you wanna talk to a feisty old man with the best compliments and vintage pieces.

  5. 337 by La Roserie...beautiful handmade spoon jewelry and decorated so wonderfully.

  6. Tony's - for dinner. just do it.

  7. Novellus- for brunch. just do it. I had hot chicken tenders for breakfast.

"Tis never the place, but the people one shares it with who are the cause of our happiest memories." - Susanna Kearsley

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